About Adopting

Adopting a pet requires at least 20 minutes to spend with the animal
and about 20 minutes for paperwork. Thank you for your patience.

Things to Know:

  • We do not adopt out pets to homes where unaltered animals live.

  • We do not adopt out pet to homes where animals who are not current on rabies shots live. Rabies shots are required by law to be current.

  • Any unaltered pets adopted from the shelter must be spayed/neutered after adoption.

  • Bring your driver's license, proof of address, and be sure if you do not own your home that your property management or landlord's phone number is available.

  • Due to animal's age or other circumstance involving the animal, you may need to make an appointment to spend time with them.

  • No holds can be placed on any animals.

  •  In most cases, your new pet will come home with you the same day.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to adopt an animal.
  • If an animal has a star (*) after their name, they are a special needs adoption. 

  • If you fill out an application, but don't find a new best friend that day, that's ok! We will keep your approved application on file for at least 30 days.

Website is actively updated Monday - Friday. Thank you!

Cat & Dog Adoption Application


Applications may be filled out prior to coming to the shelter and faxed or emailed in.
Fax: (605) 332-9096
Email: frontoffice@sfhumanesociety.com


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