You must be a pre-screened adopter to spend time with me.
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Hello Phin! How are you today?
"I'm really good! Isn't today just a great day? I love today."

What's special about today?
"Nothing in particular, I just love every day and have tons of optimism about life in general!"

Why are you Not Available?
"I'm currently in the Paroled Pups program so I can learn some manners and be the best dog I can be!"

That's great! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
"Nope, not at all! Do you mind if I get really up in your business and forget how big I am?"

Well, I mean...okay I guess you're already doing it...
"Sorry! I just love people and want people to love me so I like to bounce and lick and hop and kiss and hug and jump...just to make sure they know I'm here!"

I take it you have a lot of energy?

"Yes I've been told I have an abnormal amount of energy, but it's pretty typical of a guy of my age and breed to be hyper."

What's your ideal Saturday?
"Well, I would love to live with someone who wants to be up bright and early every day to take me for a walk or run! I just love the outdoors and getting to explore it with my besties. And then maybe we could come home to nap. And then eat. And then play. And then run again!"

Do you have a favorite toy?
"I LOVE tennis balls. And I'm great at fetch. But I love to play with most toys. I'll even turn things that aren't toys into toys!"

What can potential adopters expect when they take you home?
"I have a lot of love to give, so there's that! But also a big, goofy, naughty puppy who needs and wants to be more well-mannered. I need someone who will work with me daily and help me become a gentleman. I might be a good hunting buddy or even jogging partner. I'm really intrusive and that paired with how big I am makes me hard to handle for a lot of people. I want to go home with someone experienced with training high energy dogs because they'll help me become the best dog I can be. I am mostly house trained. I am constantly looking for attention and want to be with you as much as possible. I'm great at kisses too."

Do you know any tricks or commands?
"I know how to sit and I'm VERY good at it, especially for a treat, but that's all I know so far."

Do you do well with other animals?
"I get along with some dogs, but not all of them so it's required you bring any canine friends you have to the shelter to meet me before adopting to make sure we're compatible. I don't know if I like cats, but I have a feeling cats won't like me."

Do you do well with children?
"I tend to be too much for most children. I can be mouthy and intense. I am too big and strong for small kids so I think I'll do best in a home with supervised children 12 and older."

Is there anything else you'd like to tell potential adopters before I go?
"I want to say that I know I'm not the most well-behaved dog here, but if you live an active lifestyle and are just looking for a buddy to go along with you on adventures, I'm your guy! I'm now neutered, microchipped, frontlined, and started on my vaccinations."

Thanks, Phin! Hope you find your forever home soon! 

Labrador Retriever mix
1 year
Male | Neutered
House Trained:
Partially Housetrained
Kids | Dogs | Age Restriction: 12+
Adult Size:
Large | Weight: 68 lbs.
3720 E Benson Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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