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Hello! My name is Hailey. I was originally a stray who had babies shortly after I showed up, but now am back at the shelter to meet you after getting socialized with my foster family. I was a very young mom who didn't appear to have been very socialized with people. Because of this, I still really dislike the shelter environment. I do much better in a home setting. My foster family said I'm a really sweet girl, but timid around most people at first. It will take me a while before being comfortable letting strangers touch me. If you allow me to approach you first, I will adjust more quickly. I'm more afraid of males than females. I was likely never on a leash before I came to the shelter, so if I don't know you well I don't walk very well on one. Once we've established a relationship, I walk nicely and thoroughly enjoy my walks. I really love car rides too! I seem to have some separation anxiety, so when my people leave I'll cry. Please make sure you're committed to taking on a couple behavior quirks before considering me, like how I pace in new places or around new people. I make up for these quirks by being the most loyal, smart. sweet, cuddly girl you'll ever find. I need my next home to officially be my forever home. I will regress if returned to the shelter. I love and do well with supervised children of all ages as long as they are careful with me in the beginning. I have done well with both cats and dogs. If you have a canine friend at home though, please bring them here to meet me before taking me home so we can be sure we'll be compatible. I'm now spayed, microchipped, frontlined, and started on my vaccinations. Will you be my patient, devoted forever family?

Labrador Retriever mix
1 year
Female | Spayed
House Trained:
Kids | Strangers
Adult Size:
3720 E Benson Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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