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"Hey There Delilah"  - like a love song in the making, the SEPR team was wooed by Miss Delilah's passion to survive and find love when. Clearly Delilah had a rough go of it in her short 5 years -  we are piecing together a past of broken homes and shelter stays. A medical and social mess - the SEPR team is committed to ensuring this love song will end with a heartthrob and a kiss!

Medically, she was struggling, but the SEPR vets have got her on the fast track to health. A total ear ablation surgery to remove her right ear canal (thanks to the donations of all her fans), some grain free food, and a daily dose of Cyclosporine has turned this ugly ducking into an entirely different swan! It is clear that Delilah has had chronic ear and skin infections that have been left untreated in her previous life.  A mere verse in her love story song that she has left behind as quickly as her past. Delilah is feeling good and not afraid to let everyone know it! *(Note: Cyclosporine runs $110 for a 100 day supply)*

Delilah knows sit, lay down, wait, come, sit up, look, and go to bed (kennel). Delilah is perfectly house trained and crate trained. Even when Delilah was at her sickest she has never had a single accident. As a scent hound mix of some sort, Delilah can pick up any smell in her radius as well. Nose work is right up this girl's alley - she would have a blast with search and rescue or anything else that lets her have fun with her handler. Delilah is all brains - we know she isn't the prettiest girl on the block, but keep telling her someone will love her for those unique looks. 

Silly and goofy to the core, this girl is enjoying some of the finer things in life. Delilah walks nicely on her gentle leader head collar. She is working on her manners when viewing other passerbys on the sidewalk or through her full-view living room window. We assure Delilah she will get more attention sitting and being patient than shouting to the world to "come see me!" She is treat driven to the core though, so any tasty nibble will easily turn her attention right back to you for refocusing!

Delilah is living with canine and feline companions. Introductions where slow and steady with her sickness and uneasiness when first arriving. The key to Delilah is not to rush her and with time she has quickly becoming friends with her house mates. Triggers such as toys, food, and bones are monitored. Delilah is pretty sure all food should be hers in the house even though her foster family has almost convinced her none of them get the "people food!"

Delilah is an awesome copilot and loves to go on adventures. Now that she is feeling near perfect the world is her playground. She has just the perfect amount of energy as well. She is can act like a crazy goofy puppy with countless zoomies and flipping her favorite bone in the air; on the flip side, if its movie time scoot over with your fleece blanket and she will snuggle right in. Middle aged or aged to perfection: either way we are smitten. 

"Hey There Delilah"  - we are hoping her family is looking for this spunky fun monkey to help us finish her song. Can you help us with that?


Terrier mix
6 years
Female | Spayed
House Trained:
Kids | Dogs | Strangers
Dogs | likes some, but not all dogs
Adult Size:
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