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From pet supplies to office supplies, getting the resources we need to effectively care for animals is essential to our mission. We greatly appreciate the generosity of those who help us care for these animals in need and enable us to provide them with a safe haven until finding their forever homes. If you are interested in donating, please review our Wish List for needed items at our facility. Our staff and animals thank you for kindness and generosity. 

The following is our wishlist!
All donations to the Humane Society are tax-deductible; please ask for a tax receipt when dropping off donations.

Our current most needed items are:
Purina Nuture Kitten Chow (Yellow Bag)
Hand Towels
Manufactured Blankets
Soft & Chewy or Meaty Dog Treats/ Training Treats
Sanitaire Vacuum Bags (See Amazon Wishlist For Exact Model)

Not local or not able to make it out to the shelter?
Visit our Amazon Wish List and give from near or far! 

Need to print off the SFAHS wish list? Click below for a PDF of what is listed above!

Wish List FAQ

Can I donate cans of wet food?
We prefer that most our donations be Purina Dry Food, as wet food is not often used at the shelter.

I have an open bag of dog/cat food. Will you still take it?
Yes. As long as the food is in the original bag, we can reseal and use.

What do you not accept?
SFAHS does NOT accept the following:
- Bed Pillows
- Couch/Decorative Pillows
- Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Comforters

Please donate these to The Bishop Dudley House, St. Francis, or other community outreach or refuge.

I have newspaper to donate. Where should I bring it?
Newspaper can be donated inside the shelter, to the West of the entrance.
There is a tote near our donation corner that says "Newspaper Only"
Please only donate sheets of newspaper, no shredded paper and no flyers.
This is used for disposable litter boxes.

Can I bring up old or frozen meat?
No, we do not accept any old or frozen meat.

I want to DIY some toys or treats. What is acceptable?
See our Fundraiser Page for toy ideas.
For any other questions please contact allisonk@sfhumanesociety.com

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