10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Adopt A Pet!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Why Adopting a Shelter Pet is Good for Your Family

Each member of your family may have different reasons for wanting to adopt an animal. Discuss everything first and make sure that you can provide the needed care and time for your new furry friend.

Everyone Gets to Rescue an Animal

Choosing an animal from the shelter allows everyone to see just how this new pet will benefit from adoption. Everyone should know that you’ll be giving this new animal a chance at a life in a loving home. (All potential adopters are vetted first.)

Your Whole Family Will Love Your Pet

Each shelter animal is unique, with good behavioral points and even unusual looks (different colored eyes, anyone?) to pull you in. It doesn’t matter what breed your new pet is; or even if it is a domestic mix. You’ll love it, because it will love you. Choose an animal that best fits your lifestyles.

Show Your Children How to Show Love

By choosing a shelter animal, you’ll be giving your children a chance to show love to four-legged critters. You, your spouse and your parents can explain how shelters are better environments for animals who await adoption.

Your Family can be Ambassadors for Your Shelter

Get your kids excited about adopting a pet from the shelter. This will teach them to be ambassadors for good, inspirational acts. You may see other neighbors following your own actions.

Act as One Against Over-Population

Too many animals are being born and not taken care of. The lucky few who have been brought to the shelter can benefit by being adopted so they’ll be loved by their own family.

Your Shelter Has Answers for Everyone’s Questions

Shelter workers are ready to answer your “Help us!” questions. Whether it’s about food choice or a behavior, you’ll get answers. If you need recommendations for trainers, you’ll get this as well.

Let Mom Know a Shelter Animal is Healthy

Vets on staff examine each animal that’s brought in, and every problem that can be addressed will be taken care of. Your new shelter pet will also receive de-worming treatments, vaccinations and spay or neuter surgery.

Kids, Learn about Good Spending Decisions

There’s no contest. Hands down, adopting an animal from the shelter saves you lots of money. You can spend, on average, $1,000 for a breeder’s animal; a shelter pet may cost your less than $200. Show your children how the math works.

Your Family can Help Your Shelter

When your family adopts an animal from the shelter, the money you pay provides care for the animals, maintains the shelter and helps with public relations so that other people can learn about responsible adoption from animal shelters.

What are You Waiting For?

An animal is waiting to love and play with you. It wants to be loved and cared for. Go find one!

**Provided by Mary Nielsen

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