Every dollar that you donate to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society makes a difference in the life of a homeless pet. Your support helps us care for the thousands of animals we get each year. Your donations provide animals in need with shelter, food and medical care. Help us transform the life of an animal from homeless to happy! Your donation will not only help care for animals in need but also prevent cruelty towards animals and educate the public on the humane treatment of animals.

There are many ways to give to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. Donate retail items for an adoptable pet, make a donation towards our spay/neuter fund, sponsor a kennel, make a gift/donation in honor or memory of a loved one or enable us to care for our shelter animals by monthly donations, all of which are crucial to the needs of our shelter pets. 

Acknowledgements, that also serve as a tax receipt, will be automatically mailed to you upon receiving a donation of any type.

Project Safe Haven Kennel Sponsorship

Wish List
amazon WISH LIST

The SFAHS does not accept the following:
- Bed Pillows
- Couch/Decorative Pillows
- Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Comforters
Please donate these to The Bishop Dudley House, St. Francis, or other community outreach or refuge.

Memorial wall (temporarily closed)

Our memorial wall is currently undergoing renovations to improve and update
the current location of the plaques. Due to high volume and support of this program,
we are currently reviewing how to make sure every plaque has a special place
that is displayed for each loved one. If you are interested in purchasing a plaque once
the program has been reopened, please email to be contacted in the future.

Refund Policy
Since this is a donation transaction given towards the care and well-being of animals, refunds are not generally honored.

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