Paroled Pups
These dogs are currently in a training program and are unavailable for adoption.

SFAHS has partnered with the South Dakota Penitentiary to create this program,
to help dogs with behavioral issues get more individualized attention than they would receive at the shelter.

The most common reason for enrollment in this program
is that a dog has not been taught any manners in its previous home.
Sometimes a dog just ends up staying at the shelter for a long period of time without getting adopted.
They may be unruly, but in order to deter kennel craze the dog will be enrolled in the program
because we do not have a time limit on how long we will keep an animal.
In rare instances, a dog will go to the program to learn socialization skills.
These are dogs that come to the shelter frightened and appear that they haven’t
had much social contact outside of their previous owners.

The dogs in this training program are trained by men at the Penitentiary.
Each dog is placed into a daily regiment to help correct their behavioral issues.
Some of the issues are as simple as jumping on people, others have no social skills
and will require individual attention given by the dog handler.

The training process uses positive reinforcement.
Trainers use consistant verbal and non-verbal cues for the better comprehension by the animal.

Both two-legged and four-legged participants benefit.
The men learn to train dogs through a routine of consistency and compassion.
The dogs receive much needed attention, training and socialization making them more adoptable pets.

Once the dog receives the training and has a good report card,
the dog will show available on the website by appointment.
If you are interested in a dog that is available you will need to fill out an application
and e-mail it to:
After your application is reviewed you will receive a call or e-mail
to set up an appointment to meet the dog and find out if the pet would be a good fit for your family.

These dogs are currently in a training program and are unavailable for adoption.
Paroled Pups
Not Available
Terrier mix
Not Available
Terrier/Labrador retriever mix
11 months

Not Available
Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year
Not Available
Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year

Not Available
Terrier Mix
5 years
Terrier Mix
9 months

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